Sue Howells Biography

Sue Howells Biography

Born in Birmingham, Sue began painting in 1982 and is entirely self-taught. Elected to the prestigious Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in 1988, Sue has held several major shows in London and throughout the UK, and in Ireland.

As her reputation and popularity increased Sue began to release the first of her works as limited edition prints in 1997, which allowed her distinctive images to reach a much wider audience.

Further success followed, with commissions from amongst others, Harrods and for use on television programmes and advertisements. The list of galleries wanting to show her work also grew impressively, including from countries such as the USA and New Zealand. Sue continues to broaden her range of subjects, recently producing a series of work based on the Scottish landscape.

Always bold and expressive, her work combines strong and assured drawing with a joyful and infectious energy, which makes her one of the nation’s favourite artists.

In 2008, Sue was the recipient of the Solomon and Whitehead Trophy for the best-selling images in the UK, and was also voted the best selling female artist at the Fine Art Trade Guild industry awards.

“Often little or nothing in my paintings is real, and yet I hope that people recognise some of their own life in my work. People can see what they want to if paintings aren’t literal.”

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