Virginia Dowe-Edwards Profile

Virginia was brought up in a very creative home and when she wasn’t drawing, she was modelling dogs from plasticine. It was a childhood ambition of hers to sculpt people’s pets when she grew up, which is exactly what she’s doing now.

After completing her degree at Wolverhampton in Ceramics, Virginia became an artist in residence at Edgbaston High School in Birmingham. It was whilst there that she began to exhibit at various galleries and in 1999 she started her own business. She now works from home in a converted stable.

Virginia’s first inspiration was Tolly, a gorgeous Labrador cross Irish Settler that was her family dog growing up. Today she draws inspiration from her own dogs Vegas and Wilf. Although she is firstly a ‘hound girl’ she says she hasn’t found a breed of dog she hasn’t liked, although she’s found a few that can be challenging to make. She says, ‘A dog’s face can be so expressive. I love the way that repositioning an ear or eyebrow can change the whole look of a dog.’

During her career Virginia has exhibited in galleries across the country and her work can be seen at The Affordable Art Fairs world-wide. Owners of her hounds include John Cleese and Jenny Seagrove.