Alfredo Navarro

Alfredo Novarro_Sunset I_Oils_ Image 9x12.5

Born 1965, on the eastern coast of Spain in the city of Alcoy (Alicante). Initially inspired by his painter father, Navarro attended the art school of Escuela Municipal de Bellas Artes, and has an art degree from Circulo de Bellas Artes. He then returned to Alcoy to paint and apprentice under the painter/teacher Selles.

At age 19, Alfredo began painting professionally and in 1986 received first place in an art exhibition sponsored by the Government Delegate of Galicia in Galicia, Spain.

Inspired by the vastness of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Alfredo captures the emotion and power of the ever changing moods of the sea. His traditional technique allows him to convey an exceptional realism through his works. His paintings are both tranquil and mesmerising, and transport the mind of the viewer.