Daan Oude Elferink Exhibition 2017

Daan Oude Elferink_Forces of Nature_Photograph on Aluminium. Resin Coated. Limited Edition


Daan Oude Elferink, commonly known as Daanoe, was born in 1978 near Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In 2009 he bought his first camera and within three years had become one of Europe’s most original and collected photographic artists. This is the first official exhibition of his work in Scotland.

Captivated by urban decay and the fallen grandeur of past European aristocracy, Daanoe explores castles and mansions, imperial public buildings and even the industrial and utilitarian, to find his extraordinary subjects. Elferink skilfully uncovers a majestic lost world packed with unexplained narrative offering a fascinating portal into an often overlooked and mysterious beauty.