Jean Feeney - Return to the Isles

Jean Feeney_Who Let the Hens Out, Glen Lyon_Oils_16x16

“I vividly remember the newspaper feature which introduced me to the paintings of Jean Feeney. It was 2003 and my attention was taken by an article in The Courier which highlighted this Perthshire based artist whose striking contemporary portrayals of the Scottish west coast were starting to make an impact with collectors impressed by her enthusiastic approach to our county’s landscape and palette. The supporting illustrations confirmed to me that Jean was a painter with a confidence and direction which allowed her to contribute meaningfully to the Scottish colourist tradition.

In the 13 years since, Jean has become one of this gallery’s most popular exhibitors, and equally with many well known galleries elsewhere. Her exuberant use of paint imbues her works with an energy and joie de vivre which is hugely seductive to the many that follow her career. I am very pleased to continue this gallery’s association with an artist to whom I can count myself as friend and fan.” – Sandro Paladini

We are delighted to host Return to the Isles, an exhibition of new works by Jean Feeney.

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