Jack Morrocco Biography

Jack Morrocco

Scottish art has always had its own distinctive style with a cosmopolitan approach to European influence, yet largely inspired by its own rich artistic legacy and heritage.  This combination of traditional values and an appetite for the modern, has become central to the work of generations of celebrated Scottish painters.


Jack Morrocco, perhaps more than any of his immediate contemporaries, seems to have embraced the extraordinary variety of inspiration inherent within Scotland, and whilst remaining true to a proud national lineage, he has developed a powerful and effective distillation of his own. His creative output over recent years has produced an impressive body of work, which has brought him to the forefront of the new wave of Scottish colourists.

Jack’s work is widely collected, and represented within a number of major collections in the UK, and private collections worldwide. he has staged exhibitions within prestigious galleries throughout the UK, and in France and the USA.


Solo Exhibitions Include:

Henderson Gallery, Edinburgh

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

Rendezvous Gallery, Aberdeen

Leith Gallery, Edinburgh

Richmond Hill Gallery, London

Thompsons Gallery, London

Eduardo Alessandro Gallery, Dundee

Solo Gallery, Edinburgh

Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle

Broadway Modern, Cotswolds

Gullane Art Gallery, Gullane

Kranenburg Fine Art, Oban

Lemond Gallery, Glasgow

Contemporary Fine Art Gallery, Eton

Fraser Gallery, St Andrews


Group Exhibitions Include:

Royal Scottish Academy

Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art

Compass Gallery, Glasgow

Richmond Hill Gallery, London

Ainscough Gallery, London

Thompson’s Galleries, London, Aldeburgh, and Stow

Contemporary Fine art Gallery, Eton

Richard Hagen Galleries, Broadway

John Noott Galleries, Broadway

Manorhouse Gallery, Chipping Norton

Henshelwood Gallery, Newcastle

Walker Galleries, Harrogate and Manchester

6 Scottish Colourists, St Andrews

Eduardo Alessandro Gallery, Dundee

Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow

Falle Fine Art, St Hellier, Jersey

Art Expo, New York

Forbes Gallery, New York

Galerie Azur, St Paul de Vence, France

Meriden Art, Agen, France