Ian Johnstone Biography

Ian Johnstone

Sandro Paladini of Eduardo Alessandro Studios talks about Ian Johnstone:

I happened upon Ian’s paintings about 2001 at a Cancer Research exhibition in Dundee, a cause to which Ian was very supportive. The two very small and extraordinarily detailed studies of West Coast coves immediately struck me as wonderfully observed and rendered with a rare skill and sensitivity.

The resulting relationship between Ian and Eduardo Alessandro Studios offered this gallery the privilege of hosting several near sell out shows of his work. Including In 2010, Ian Stewart Johnstone – Scottish Landscape Artist, a posthumous tribute to Ian and his remarkable passion for the Landscape.

Ian Johnstone was an exceptionally talented painter, but his natural modesty prevented him realising this.  He had an absolute and genuine passion for the landscape and burning desire to record and preserve it.

In his own words; “I love the Scottish Landscape and all its varied forms… such a variety of landscape in such a small country…I love the changing light and weather conditions – I want to try to fix it…capture it.  I hope that my efforts strike a chord with other people who appreciate our remarkable landscape”