Fiona Haldane

The Road and the Miles

A Major Exhibition by one of the most talented and distinctive landscape artists in Scotland.

8 – 31 March 2014. All works are available for sale now.


When Fiona Haldane was about 12 years old, her father, a sea captain in the merchant navy, took her on a voyage to Africa and beyond over four of the most fascinating and influential months of her young life.

16_Fiona Haldane_Below Zero_Pastel_16x48  8_Fiona Haldane_Shore Line, Machrihanish_Pastel_5x7  23_Fiona Haldane_November Light, Cullins,Skye_Pastel_5x7

“during the time he was away when I was a child, he used to send back photographs of India, china and spectacular seascapes, together with cine camera footage of his travels, so that I was seeing the world through his eyes. I think he would have liked to have been an artist, but the pull of the sea was too strong to resist.

When I went with him, it was the most amazing experience and something that I have never forgotten. Navigating by sextant and the stars, coming into ports along the coast of east Africa in the dark- you could tell that land was close by sense of smell, rather than anything immediately visible. The scent of spices in particular is incredibly evocative.

There were unbelievable things to see too. Crossing the equator, I remember a fabulous sunset, then turning around and seeing the moon begin to come up in the blackness behind. That’s not something you forget.”

6_Fiona Haldane_The Way Home, Glen Shee_Pastel_5x7  31_Fiona Haldane_The Power & The Glory, GLen Etive_Pastel_36x48  14-Fiona Haldane_Autumn To Winter, Glen Coe_Pastel_10x18

Perhaps that early experience reinforced Fiona’s already existing eye for composition, but rather than inspiring the artistic youngster to seek her subject matter abroad, it instead served to concentrate her mind on the dramatic scenery closer to home.

“Scotland is a remarkable subject. There is everything here, and I suppose my work is a love affair with a country. I am drawn to contrasts of light and tone, and Scotland is such a land of extremes. It is truly a wonderful country for an artist to live in.”

5_Fiona Haldane_Evening Sun, Tay Estuary_Pastel_5x7  17_Fiona Haldane_Gairloch to Ullapool_Pastel_16x48  25_Fiona Haldean_Time &Tide, Mull of Kintyre_Pastel_5x7

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